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Technology for the environment.


We believe that providing the best tools to the most trained people is the only way to foster concrete innovation. The same innovation that is the basis of a top level product and a protected environment. This is the reason why we invest on research and technology.

The secret of our success

Every time the advantages of a new technology become advantages for everyone, then it becomes a real progress.


Unlike the mixing procedure, this technology contributes to create a complete homogeneous product, in which all grains are identical, the active components are more efficient and the solubility is guaranteed. Therefore, the product works perfectly on every kind of stains also thanks to the presence of different cleaning agents in the formula.

The atomization process contributes to the production of a top level detergent powder, efficient and soluble even at low temperatures.

It contains anionic surfactants, optical brighteners, builder and other ingredients which are cooled and mixed with other components to complete the formula, such as enzymes, oxygen brighteners, non-ionic surfactants and perfume.

Blow molding

In order to handle rapidly and flexibly the consumption needs, the company has settled down a blow molding machinery, which allows us to control all aspects connected to the packaging and the selling formats. Being able to carry on a high technological process, allows the company to chose the right solutions to specific customers’ needs and to offer products with high performances. Packaging and formula are designed in order to cooperate to maintain the chemical and physical characteristics of the products. Therefore the company uses high quality plastics such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).


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