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We let our results speak.

It is only thanks to a constant commitment that we have earned through years companies’ and associations’ trust. Therefore we received a lot of important prices and awards.

You can trust our team.

We guarantee quality in all aspects. This is not only words, but it is a reality that can be documented by many quality certifications.

ISO 9001 Certification: the best standard possible.

We have been working for many years according to the guidelines of the ISO 9001 quality certification, following its requisites developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our company is certified and annually controlled by TUV, which verifies our improvement in efficiency and efficacy of the productive process.



To achieve a cleaner world.

Biochimica is part of the AISE (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products). In order to remain part of this association, Biochimica has to respect some strict parameters connected with responsible production and consumption, for example using raw materials which have a low environmental impact and providing the right information to customers so that they can understand the importance of using low temperatures during the washing process and the right amount of detergent.

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Selected partners for delicate clothing

The brand Woolmark allowed us to use its mark on our labels because it believes that our detergents are qualitatively suitable to be used on 100% wool clothing. Our detergents maintain the elasticity of the fabric, the intensity of the color and more in general all characteristics of this high quality clothing.



Guaranteed and authorized solutions.

Our sanitizers are produced according to strict rules and parameters established by the Ministry of Health, which has authorized our company to produce PMC as an “Authorized production facility”.

Therefore, all our sanitizers display the red cross with the sign “medical surgical device” and have a registration number (Reg. 19606) as guarantee.



Think “green”…produce “green”

The new Soft line is the result of our commitment towards the environment. The product was certified “Ecolabel”, a standard that is recognized on an European level. It certifies the respect towards the environment of the product throughout its all life. This means, that our company favors Eco-friendly productive processes and biodegradable raw materials. The general consumption of water is reduced and it has been developed an Eco-friendly packaging as well, which is also easier to dispose. In addition, we privilege the transparency towards our customers obtained from a constant exchange of information.




In the latest few years Biochimica has begun a process of environmental protection through the use of less new plastics and more recycled materials. Also the packaging materials come from Eco-friendly sources.

This investment has guaranteed the company to win for several years the CONAI Award for environmental sustainability.




Biochimica’s product Bioform Plus won this important “award’in 2017”.

The products are elected by more than 12.000 customers through the biggest market research about Italian innovations. This tool allows companies to understand the points of view of their customers and to be able to fulfill their needs.





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